LOGISTIKA magazine announces in 2020


Logistics and the Supply Chains
after COVID-19

October 27, 2020 (Tuesday)
Sofia Event Center (SEC) – Paradise Center, Sofia

We live in a time of changes. We live in a time when it is difficult to plan and forecast We live in a time when the traditional business models keep on changing in their transformation.

Some things though remain the same. And one of these is the LOGISTICS BUSINESS CONFEREFNCE – the biggest event in the logistics industry which will be held in October for the eight time in a row. It's true that we can't know if the situation at that time will allow for the gathering of many people in a hall, if people will be willing to come together, if the speakers will be able to participate on site... Many things are unknown but one is for sure – the LOGISTICS BUSINESS CONFEREFNCE in Sofia will take place.  Whether entirely live, or a combination of live and online – the circumstances will tell, and we, the organisers from Bulgarina Transport Press and LOGISTIKA magazine, will be flexible accordingly. We will organise it because we think the conference is needed. Because COVID-19 already changed the world of logistics and supply chains, and because these changes are longterm, because strategies and business practices will begin now to undergo serious changes, and because we need, especially in these conditions, to hear about the new, to share our experience and to learn from the experience of others, to meet colleagues and like-minded people.

That's why for 2020 we chose the topic Logistics and the Supply Chains after COVID-19.

Focus of the Logistics Business Conference 2020:

Strategies after the Crisis: The day after – the best of both worlds
Accelerated Digital Transformations: How could I shorten the way to the digitalisation of my business
Managing the Change: Sustainable supply networks and integration in the last mile
Security in Supplies: Investments projects and 24/7 warehouse operations

Something happened that no strategist could foresee – the global economy was brought to a halt for several months. COVID-19 provoked a unexpected and quite heavy shake in manufacturing, deliveries, and consumption. And started a domino effect in the whole supply chain.

Then the day after came when the broken things must get mended, and through quick and innovative decisions, the transport networks and logistics solutions should get transformed. The global manufacturing and trade start slowly to move, but new crisis situations emerge, and will keep on emerging, which logistics must meet with bold solutions and new business models.

The power shown by technologies during the pandemic made logistics managers ask themselves a lot of questions: how to shorten the way to digitalisation, how to better manage risks. how to make the supply chain more transparent and sustainable, how to create bigger buffers, which will be the next transformation in the warehouse as well as in the supply chain? Definitely an accelerated pace in digitalisation, wider use of robots in the warehouses, the implementation of systems including artificial intelligence are some of the necessary steps for those who want to remain successful also in the future. Which are far-sighted strategies for a better business, more efficient employees, and more reliable deliveries?

All of that will be in the focus of the speakers at the 8. LOGISTICS BUSINESS CONFERENCE. People who have already attended previous editions of the conference are convinced that it is a wonderful place where partners share good practicies, where everybody learns something new and leaves with insights and new business contacts.

Our goal as organisers is to present to managers and specialists from all branches to learn first-hand about successful transport and logistics solutions which will enable them to create their own strategies for advancement in the new today, and in the new tomorrow.

Location of the event:  Sofia Event Center (SEC), Sofia, 100 Cherni Vrah Blvd., Paradise Center Fl. 3

Please see below a short video presenting the Logistics Business Conference 2019.



Speakers at Logistics Business Conference 2020

Nikolay Bojilov


Hugh Williams

EFESO Consulting

Marek Rozycki

CEP & Last Mile Expert

Marieta Grigorova

Gebrüder Weiss

Ivaylo Slavov


Vladmir Gurdjieff

CTP Invest

Delyan Kostov


Yavor Pantaleev


Minko Lazarov

Technical Solution

Monika Miteva

DHL Express Bulgaria

Milen Raykov

EY Bulgaria

Anton Кrantev

Konica Minolta

Stanislav Dimitrov

Cargo Planet

Svetoslav Todorov

Beluga IT

Kaloyan Vassilev


Krasimir Dimitrov

A1 Bulgaria

Radoslav Minchev


Ivaylo Tsanov



Partners of Logistics Business Conference 2020